Service to the Community

President's Council on Sustainable Development


Housing and Land-Use Working Group, 1994-5 – Following actions of the United Nations “Brundtland Commission”, the Clinton administration established the President’s Council to recommend federal policies and programs to promote sustainability.  Federal agencies were designated to adopt green buildings standards, an action that transformed the building-sector marketplace.


Takoma Park, Maryland


Community Development Block Grant Citizen’s Advisory Committee

The Last Takoma Junction Committee

Takoma Community Development Corporation 1993-7 – Over a four-year period, I led a community-based efforts to redirect development to better serve Takoma Park’s historic community that culminated in the Takoma Junction Community Design Charrette.  The development vision sketched in the Charrette has led to substantial public and private sector reinvestment in Takoma Junction.



Sustainable Communities Initiatives


Board 1999-2011 – Under the leadership of Jim Shulman, AIA, Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI) has worked to promote community-based sustainability programs. In 2005, Community Forklift, a building materials resale warehouse, opened to the public in Prince Georges County, Maryland, Washington DC’s most ethnically and economically diverse community.



District of Columbia Green Building Act of 2006


Advisory Council 2006-2007 – Under the leadership of Jim Graham, Ward 1, the District of Columbia City Council adopted legislation establishing green building standards for Washington DC.  I served on the Advisory Council that drafted the bill. The bill was strongly supported by AIA and served as a model for cities around the nation.



Montgomery County, Maryland


Zoning Advisory Panel 2009-12 – As part of a comprehensive re-assessment of the county’s land use policies, the Planning Board of Montgomery County appointed a committee of experts to provide comments on the proposed re-writing of the County’s Zoning Ordinance.  I served on the panel since its inception.



1000 Friends of Maryland


Board 2012-13 – 1000 Friends is a non-profit environmental advocacy group addressing statewide issues, focused particularly on resolving tensions between urban and rural sustainability issues.


Photo by Tom Nyien AIA

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