Federation of PanAmerican Associations of Architects (FPAA)

XXV PanAmerican Congress of Architects

November 24 & 25

Asunción, Paraguay


Officers of FPAA (fahh-pahh) serve four year terms. The 2016 event revolved around the election of the 2017-2020 President and Secretary General Treasurer as well as other FPAA officials. The conference included both a governance meeting (the General Assembly) attended by designated representatives of member countries and regions and educational sessions devoted to resiliency.


The AIA was represented by Miguel (Mike) A. Rodriguez, FAIA, 2013-2016 Regional Vice President to FPAA; John A. Padilla, AIA, 2015-16 Institute Secretary who succeeds Mike as AIA representative to FPAA; 2017 AIA President Thomas Vonier, FAIA; and me. In addition, Mary E. Kell, AIA, Acting Chief Resiliency Officer, the City of Tulsa, Oklahoma, presented a paper on resiliency initiatives in Tulsa.


Bolivian architect, Fabian Fanfar, was elected President, Juan Articardi from Uruguay became Secretary General Treasurer, and Edwin Gonzalez from Costa Rica became Executive Secretary. The U.S. is in the Northern Region along with Mexico. (Canada does not participate in FPAA.) John Padilla and Isabel Espinila, immediate past-president of the Federation of Colleges of Architects of the Republic of Mexico, will rotate annually as Northern Regional Vice President, with John serving in 2018 and 2020.


The next FPAA meeting will be May 4-5 in Mendoza, Argentina, followed by a meeting October 24-28 in Martinique. The 2020 Congress planned for Lima, Peru, will mark the FPAA's centennial.