Keynote Address

2018 AIA Conference on Architecture

June 2018



Metropolis Magazine

June 2018



AIA Students, Ask an Architect

November 2017

Architect Magazine

AIA Perspective, 2018


January 2018, A Threshold Moment for Architecture{%22issue_id%22:466122,%22page%22:66}


February 2018, Designing for Disruption{%22issue_id%22:473581,%22page%22:64}


March 2018, Architects of Advocacy{%22issue_id%22:479961,%22page%22:62}


April 2018, Welcome to Our Urban Future{%22issue_id%22:487157,%22view%22:%22articleBrowser%22,%22article_id%22:%223055948%22}


May 2018, Accelerating Change: Disruption or Progress?{%22issue_id%22:494645,%22view%22:%22articleBrowser%22,%22article_id%22:%223082108%22}


June 2018, 1968{%22issue_id%22:503082,%22view%22:%22articleBrowser%22,%22article_id%22:%223108842%22}


July 2018, Carbon or Architecture?{%22issue_id%22:509424,%22view%22:%22articleBrowser%22,%22article_id%22:%223129128%22}


August 2018, What’s in a Number?{%22issue_id%22:517351,%22view%22:%22articleBrowser%22,%22article_id%22:%223157627%22}


September 2018, Places for People{%22issue_id%22:523796,%22view%22:%22articleBrowser%22,%22article_id%22:%223179094%22}

Evolving Value


The Impact of Green Buildings on Cognitive Function

Harvard University

T.H. Chan School of Public Health

SUNY Upstate Medical Center

Syracuse University



The Value of Design

Design and Health Outcomes

American Institute of Architects



Active Design Guidelines

Center for Active Design




Innovative Practice


Roadmap to Zero Emissions

Architecture 2030



AIA Sustainability Leadership Opportunity Scan

American Institute of Architects



The Greenest Building

The Environmental Value of Building Reuse

National Trust for Historic Preservation




Diverse Workforce


Equity By Design

The Missing 32% Project


Equity by Design

2016 Equity in Architecture Survey


National Organization of Minority Architects


Parlour: Women, Equity, Architecture


Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation