Design Build Institute of America


Annual Conference

November 3-4

Las Vegas


As is typical from year to year, AIA representation at DBIA's annual national conference was requested. As the designated AIA leader, I participated in an industry leader's panel on industry trends. In addition, I attended the DBIA Chairman's Luncheon where a small group of DBIA leaders, including several past chairs, and invited guests had the opportunity to meet informally.


The panel was carefully structured, moderated by Jim Whitaker, AIA, past-chair of DBIA. Questions were distributed in advance of the event and a conference call was conducted to provide panelists an opportunity to better understand the intent of the questions and how their answers related to others. The panel discussion followed closely the prepared questions and most answers were consistent with those on the conference call.


Panelists included:

David Chapman, ABC Chairman

Samuel (Uel) McFall, Canadian DBI Chair

Brian Harnetiaux, BOMA Chair

Bill Quatman, DBIA Chair

Brian Stewart, AGC VP

Kodi Verhalen, NSPE President


The panel was conducted during the Friday morning general session attended by about 500 (my estimate). Panel questions addressed a spectrum of topics and respondents were stipulated. I worked with Marta Zaniewski to prepare my answers and increase my knowledge of the issues raised for the panel. As AIA representative I was asked to weigh in on Public Private Partnerships (P3's), how P3's affect the implementation of design-build procurement, continued concerns over document quality despite improved technologies and collaboration, and views on general trends. I invited participants the Build America Summit and addressed the importance of the Paris Agreement on the industry's future and design-build's relevance to delivering integrated design solutions.