KLA, SGN & Speak Up

Washington DC

July 11-14


For the first time, in 2016 AIA Grassroots was conducted as two events. The first was held in February outside of Washington DC in Detroit, Michigan. It was comprised of familiar Grassroots elements focused largely on training sessions for component leaders and exchange among local and state components and AIA National staff and leadership.


In July, I participated in the second event conducted in Washington, reconstituted as an advocacy event, Speak Up.  Speak Up was conducted in conjunction with the Knowledge Leadership Assembly (KLA) and State Government Network (SGN) annual meetings. Member visits to congressional representatives were conducted as part of Speak Up.


Speak Up included sessions on how associations can function most effectively as advocacy organizations, AIA's efforts to strengthen its advocacy capacity, the development of AIA's "Message Book" for helping component leaders communicate, and presentations from Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Utah about their state advocacy programs.


KLA and SGN sessions were held at the same time. I sat in on sessions of both events.